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Article: iDownloadBlog shares with you the classic products of Alto

iDownloadBlog shares with you the classic products of Alto

iDownloadBlog shares with you the classic products of Alto

We pay great gratitude to iDownloadBlog, the foreign website of technology media, which published an article and video clip on the experience of using Alto’s Original and Metro series of mobile phone cases. If you hope to understand more about the two series in terms of its functionality, protection ability and sense of touch, this article may offer some useful information. We also share the highlights in the article with everybody for reference, hoping that people can try our products from various aspects.

Alto makes a top-contending leather case for most iPhone models

Over the last few weeks, we have shown you a number of the top leather case brands for iPhones, but another that we feel deserves attention is Alto. Hand-crafted with fine Italian leather, Alto cases are subtly formed out of what feels like surreal perfection. If you’re one to judge products closely, and every bit of quality matters to you, then Alto’s attention to detail is likely to impress.

Amid all of the leather cases you have to choose from out there, Alto just might be one of the top contenders. At first touch, the leather feels very conditioned, and holding it in the hand is incredibly comfortable.

You will notice from every seam of the case that Alto takes pride in their craftsmanship. You won’t find ripples in the leather around the corners; instead, you see very smooth seams and every aspect of the case is precision-manufactured, inside and out.

Alto doesn’t miss a single detail. These premium aniline leather cases are available in ultra-vibrant colors, which are quick to grab the eye.

Just like the Twelve South’s Relaxed Leather case lineup, you have the option to go with a plain leather case, or with one that has a pocket on the back for carrying 1-2 credit/ID cards and some dollar bills. Interestingly, Alto goes with a two-tone color on the pocketed cases, which I personally like very much.

The back of the case has the Alto logo embossed into it, similarly to the way many other leather iPhone cases have their branding stamped into them. It’s a bit large for my taste, but the leather feels so good in the hand that the logo spends most of its time against my palm rather than in my eyesight.

Being that Alto’s cases are crafted from treated aniline leather, it will develop wear patterns and a patina over time that give it that vintage look everyone seems to like.

As far as everyday usage is concerned, Alto isn’t very restrictive. The entire bottom of the iPhone is exposed and welcomes all of your Lightning accessories. Even if you’re using a dock to charge your iPhone, like the Heng Docks Gravitas, Twelve South HiRise 2, or the Grovemade Walnut dock, it’s going to work well with an Alto case.

In terms of the camera, you can expect that a case of this quality has a decent-sized cut-out meant to stay out of its way. You will notice that the camera is recessed inside of the case for added protection against table tops.

A Canadian website Mac Aficionados also introduced our leather mobile phone cases and mobile phone wallets in a review which evaluates our products with an inspiring score. We are grateful for the positive feedbacks from both domestic and foreign media. Through these reports we are granted with more opportunities to exchange ideas with friends in Taiwan and overseas. For you in love with Alto, please share your experience with your friends introduce Alto’s products.

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