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iPhone 13 Series Metro Leather Wallet Case - Raven Black

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Sale price$64.95


iPhone 13 Series Metro Leather Wallet Case - Raven Black
iPhone 13 Series Metro Leather Wallet Case - Raven Black Sale price$64.95

full-grain leather

wireless charging

Carry Your Card, Use It Anytime

High-Quality Italian Full-Grain Aniline Leather


Make your life more convenient by bringing your cards with you

The pocket has special anti-magnetic properties so you can insert cards that you swipe. Whether you are exercising, traveling, or shopping, swipe the card in the pocket in one second. Enjoy a brisk, convenient life without the added bulk of a thick, heavy wallet.

Military specification drop-proof for full protection

Featuring 5ft/1.5m military specification drop-proof with full production. 0.8mm leather establishes a lightweight and delicate texture with graceful and thin quality without excess thickness.

Fully upgraded quality

New Alto design features functions without compromising quality. Fully covered techniques with a selection of metallic buttons for better press feedback and texture.

Leather that grows with you.

Natural leather gradually changes with use over time, developing its own leather patina.

Italian Full-grain Aniline Leather

With use, the leather undergoes a chemical transformation due to the sweat and oil from hands, resulting in an aging effect that darkens the material and gives it a distinctive personal touch.